GRADE: 5. LENGTH: 1km.
BUILT: Mid 2015.
GETTING THERE: Starts from halfway up Direct Rd. Can also be accessed from the mid point of Hot X Buns (via a signposted link trail).
After an initial short section of climbing, the descent starts in earnest. Natural rolling terrain offers a variety of lines with occasional steep drops (which are able to be rolled over), and some brief rooty sections.
You'll arrive at an obvious plateau, which is an ideal spot to grab your breath and compose yourself for the trickiest section of trail to come; A generally straight and off camber flow down the hill, broken by a couple of corners which can be difficult to scrub enough speed off in order to nail your line round them. A couple of rutted and rooty sections further complicate the flow.
As a relatively new trail, Tumeke is still changing with rider traffic and weather. It is far more difficult in the wet due to the soft nature of the dirt so best to leave it alone when it's been raining. You'll not only save wear and tear on the trail, but also likely save your ego by not binning it in front of your mates.
GETTING OUT: Ends on Pipeline road. Immediately on your left is Bunny Jugs 2 trail, or roll down Pipeline Rd to the water tap and Shuttle Pick up area. Or turn right to quickly get back to the intersection of Pipeline/Red Tank/Wash roads and the water tap at the bottom of Hot X Buns trail.

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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