BUILT: in 2007 by James Dodds, Rob Metz and Mark Upshall. Completely rebuilt after logging in 2017 by Southstar Trails.
Starts from the Shuttle drop off point at the top end of Tawa Rd. 
45 small to medium sized jumps to improve your hucking skills. All jumps can be rolled over, no gaps! 
There are lines that avoid the technical bits if you need an out. It is, without doubt, one of the better trails in the forest due to sheer fun factor. It exits onto Hill Rd. and 50m further down the road is the entry to Little Red Riding Huck.
GETTING OUT: Flows into Little Red Riding Huck - a jump track with progressively bigger jumps and one big gap jump early on (with a bypass). Or you can cross over to Corners track. Exits at the Shuttle pick up point on the intersection of Pipeline and Hill roads

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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