The Challenge Mini Network is comprised of four tracks: Challenge, Challenge Roadside, Down the Guts, and Boulderdash.

BUILT BY: Hand crafted by Dirk Peters in 2013
GETTING THERE: Entrance to all the Challenge Block trails is from the high point of Radio Hut Rd. 
TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Built specifically for the 2013 (and subsequent) National XC Championships course. This trail has slightly trickier lines and mellow off camber corners, unlike the Challenge and Challenge Roadside machine-built trails to either side of it.
GETTING OUT: The trail exits on Challenge Roadside, shortly after riders can exit to the Puhaturoa/Nursery road intersection, or follow Challenge Roadside to the end, or follow Challenge Roadside briefly before hooking right onto the Challenge trail. 
The XC Nationals course took the Challenge trail option including the uphill section to deliver the racers onto Boulderdash trail.

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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