GRADE: 4 LENGTH: 1.9km

BUILT: Mid 2016

GETTING THERE: From the high point of Hill Road, close to the start of Frontal Lobotomy trail. If you're coming from Direct Rd or the western side (Waipa MTB carpark side) of Hill Rd - ride past the entry to Frontal Lobotomy and Tukonohi is on your left before Hill road starts descending.
If you're riding up Hill Rd from the Forest Hub 2 side, as soon as the hill flattens off you'll see the entry to Tukonohi on your right.
TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Hand built to milk every available ounce of momentum from the elevation drop - Tukonohi is an instant favourite for many. 
Make sure you take time to check out the views from the start, overlooking the rolling farmland to the east of Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island. The view won't be there forever as the commercially forested pine plantation will quickly grow over the coming few years.
Plentiful opportunities to grab a little air are offered by the natural hits and sculpted lips for the entire length of the trail.
A couple of steep drops require the rider to be able to loft their front wheel - if you're riding it for the first time be sure to take it easy and scope it out. If you're not sure, walk the couple of more technical sections - you'll still love the riding on the remainder of it! The trail crosses a road and then climbs briefly, before resuming its plunge down the valley.
Some of the lower sections are prone to frost thaw, so avoid it on clear, cold winter days. When the frost thaws it makes the surface very susceptible to rutting out, and is close to impossible to get any traction on!
GETTING OUT: The trail ends on gravel road with several of options:
Go sraight across the road to the entrance of Apumoana, a gentle climb to Hot X Buns and more goodness. Turn right and you'll come to a T intersection with Windy Rd. Head left on Windy to join up with Red Tank Rd and aim back to the Pipeline/Red Tank/Wash Rd intersection. Or head right to ride up Windy Rd and into Te Pou Koropu, which will take you to the Forest Hub 2 carpark, toilets and at some point, food.
Turn left and you'll soon be at the start of Sidewinder trail climb, or keep on going to hook up with Windy Rd/Hill Rd intersection.


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