BUILT: Original built in 2005 by Dave Hamilton.
Major rebuild in 2011/12 by the Rotorua MTB Club after the Tokorangi Pa ridgeline area was logged. Mike Metz and the Club's trail coordinator, Rob Smail from Bike Culture marked the top section and Richard Caudwell, Damon Thompson and Ash Edwards did the rebuild.
Ash, Mark Upshall and Casey King built the lower section.
GETTING THERE: Starts from the top of Katore Rd.
A brief climb from Katore Rd leads to what was one of the best 360 degree panoramas in the forest – Rotorua City and the lake, Whaka Forest, even the distant mountains of the Central Plateau – but it is sadly being lost to the rapidly growing Pinus radiata trees. 
It’s still a great place to rest and refuel after the uphill ride. Tokorangi Trail goes off to the right from this point, and Corridor from the left. The first section, through young pines, is fast and flowing with berms and jumps, all safely table-topped and rollable, but able to be jumped for those who want to. Dusty in summer, it's at its best when the dirt is holding a little moisture. It merges briefly with Tokorangi Trail to the right then continues to the left, descending into mature pine trees. After a few rooty corners in the pines you come to the next trailhead - North Face and Eastern Spice to the right, Corridor continuing to the left – and into a stretch from the original 2005 trail build through native bush with slippery roots and some tricky corners. The last section, back into pine forest, features a couple of traverses across the face of the hill with smooth machine-built jumps and rollers. Again, all safely able to be rolled at slow speed, but definitely made to catch some big air as the rider's speed increases.
Ends at the bottom of Katore Road. Head up Katore Road a short distance to access Paddy's Run (formerly named 'A Trail') on your right. 
Or keep going up Katore road to access Katore Jumps, or go to the very top and right at the fork for K2 or Box of Birds, left at the fork for Gunna Gotta and the start again, to try variations of Corridor like Eastern SpiceNorth Face and Tokorangi Pa trail. The top and bottom sections handle wet weather well, the middle section through the native bush gets very slippery.

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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