BUILT BY: Spadewerx/Casey King, 2013

GETTING THERE: Starts from the high point of Radio Hut Road. It's a short climb either up Pohaturoa Road from the Waipa MTB carpark side of the forest, and then up Challenge Climb, or up Nursery Road from the Long Mile Road (Visitor Information Centre) side and on up Radio Hut Rd. You can also take the scenic route from Waipa, up the new Forest Loop trail and cut out at the top.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: As one of several trails in the block of harvested forest known as 'The Challenge Block', which is already dense with decent sized trees, Boulderdash is suited to experience riders who like to test their skills on an unusual occurrence in Rotorua - rocks. After the initial high speed straights on the first 2/3 of the trail you're into a few corners to slow your pace. A choice is next: the left hand line is an easier (but longer) trail to the bottom. The right hand line features short but sharp rocky sections, including a large roll-over boulder with a couple of lines on it. If you're not feeling super-confident it may be worthwhile stopping to check it out before launching yourself off it.  

GETTING OUT: At the bottom point of the trail most riders choose to exit down the left-hand berm which drops down to Pohaturoa Road. From there it's an easy ride up to do it again, or another of the trails in the Challenge Block, or to the the other side of Pohaturoa Road into The Dipper trail.
Alternatively, riders can take the right fork at the bottom of Boulderdash. This leads into a gently descending trail with a couple of smooth tabletop jumps before exiting on Pohaturoa road on the way back to the Waipa MTB Carpark.
Be warned - if you take the right fork option at the bottom of Boulderdash, there is another fork to the right straight away. This takes you up a short but brutally steep singletrack climb known as the Rock Drop Climb onto Radio Hut road again. Boulderdash and Rock Drop Climb were used in the 2014 and 2015 National MTB championships. If you can clean the Rock Drop Climb and you are not on an e-bike, kudos!

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