GRADE: 4  LENGTH: 2km 
BUILT: Old school trail off the top of Kakapiko, and hill on the southwestern side of the forest. Completely munted by logging over the summer of 2021-22, and rebuilt from scratch by a team of voluteers led by Andrew Burt, Rick Todd, Toby Stovold and Toni Fleming. Local businesses got behind the dig to sponsor some working bees attended by up to 60 people!  
Do not ride up the tar seal 8 Mile Gate road - It is a private road that is closed to recreational users and when it's busy the loaded logging trucks use it at pace.
Accessed via Fern Dr to Long Dr then Sandstone Rd to get to the start of the Lookout Rd climb.
Can also be accessed from the other direction for riders coming along Tikitapu or Green Lake Rd. This is becoming a more common access method now for riders completing Te Ahi Manawa or Kung Fu Walrus trails, then doing No Brains.
The trail proper starts from the top of Lookout Rd on the summit of Kakapiko. 
You can drop in to No Brains off Lookout Road a few hundred metres after the road gets back into the trees, look for the entrance on the right. Climb further on Lookout Rd to reach the absolute summit with cell phone towers and you are rewarded with a bonus bit of trail descending through pines to connect with the section after crossing Lookout Road. On a clear day you get great views over the Horohoro bluffs to Ruapehu, Green Lake, Mt Tarawera and Rainbow Mountain. 
A very nice run through a forested valley drops you out on what looks like the top of a precipice, but there is a series of artfully sculpted dropping hairpins that deliver you some really interesting traverses as the trail heads around the hill.
Turn left and follow Some Brains downhill to connect with Dump Road, or carefully cross 8 Mile Gate Road to access Taura.

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