GRADE: 4  LENGTH: 2km 
BUILT: Old school trail re-opened in 2003, then later extended by Rotorua Mountain Bike Club with the technical 'No Brains Extension' route. 
Do not ride up the tar seal 8 Mile Gate road - It is a private road that is closed to recreational users and when it's busy the loaded logging trucks use it at pace.
Usually accessed via Fern Dr to Long Dr then Sandstone Rd to get to the start of the Lookout Rd climb.
Can also be access from the other direction for riders coming along Tikitapu or Green Lake Rd. This is becoming a more common access method now for riders completing Kung Fu Walrus trail, then doing No Brains.
The trail proper starts from the top of Lookout Rd on the summit of Kakapiko. 
As the climb up Lookout Rd gradually flattens out there is an obvious forestry skid road to the right. This leads into a skid site clearing before entering the forested part of No Brains. It is a common point of entry, but is not the whole trail; Climb further on Lookout Rd to reach the absolute summit with cell phone towers. On a clear day great views over the Horohoro bluffs to Ruapehu, Green Lake, Mt Tarawera and Rainbow Mountain. 
From there, head down a steep trail with the remnants of big, old water bar features. The trail flattens out to skirt around the contour of Kakapiko before reaching the skid site mentioned previously.
From here it's predominantly downhill with sections of decent speed before reaching a fork in the trail: To the right is the No Brains Extension. To the left is the original No Brains trail. Take the left and the lesser used No Brains route will eventually drop out onto Dump Rd which is an old, unused forestry road. 
The trail is unusual for an 'Old School' design, which doesn't try and squeeze every inch of trail possible out of the available gradient. Instead it keeps speed relatively high with straight(ish) sections. 
With limited traffic due to its location the trail surface changes seasonally.
Turn left and follow Dump Rd as it gradually changes from singletrack to doubletrack to smooth gravel road. There are a few options at the end, the easiest to navigate is to ignore the left turn on Long Drive which you will reach, keep going till you reach a T intersection with Poplar Rd. Turn left down Poplar and stay on it. It will come to a parking area and buildings with tar seal - this is the Waiariki Waipa Campus used for timber related industry training and is OK to ride through - just treat it as you would any carpark and ride carefully if there is vehicle movement.
You will arrive at 8 Mile Gate Rd, a short ride to the right is the 8 Mile Gate entry to the forest, straight ahead is Nursery Rd, Left down the tar seal road takes you to Planet Bike and the Verry Safe trail leading back to the Waipa MTB Carpark.

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