GRADE: 4  LENGTH: 2.1km 
BUILT: in 2006 by James Dodds, Rob Metz, Jeff Carter and the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club. Harvested in 2019.

The harvested section is a quick rebuild, still kind of cool but not as cool as it was. Billy is still a pretty good trail though, and worth a whirl if you are up that way. 

Billy T starts about 100 steep metres up Tawa Road from the place where the shuttle delivers its passengers. 

The opening section of Billy is a classic old-school jungle downhill, traversing a steep slope through a series of corners and g-outs, with plenty of roots and small features to play on. The trail flattens out briefly before getting going downhill again, and then you pop out of the woods into a clearcut bombsite where the trail mellows right out and carries you to the last hurrah, an optional drop off to your right (marked with XXX sign). Scope first!!

Cross Moerangi Road and continue downhill on G Rock, or turn left and climb towards more trails. 

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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