BUILT: in 2007 by James Dodds for Rotorua Mountain Bike Club.
Another one that was logged and rebuilt in 2017 by Southstar Trails.
GETTING THERE: After riding Huckleberry Hound from the shuttle drop off point on Tawa Rd. you'll exit onto Hill Rd. Corners trail is straight ahead of you, but head left down the hill 20 metres then the Huckleberry Hound trail is on your right.

Right from the start there are a few small doubles (rollable) before a couple of sizeable features with easier lines: The first is a drop. When it has had recent maintenance the transition is smooth and it's not particularly difficult. When there has been a period of weather-induced wear the landing can be square edged. Scope it first if you haven't done it for a while.
Shortly after that is a sizeable gap jump. It has an obvious easy route signposted around it, the gap is not massive but does require a reasonably smooth, fast run into it in order to clear it smoothly. The hardest part can be threading through the pine trees straight after the landing! 
The remainder of the trail is loads of medium sized jumps, mostly rollable, some bigger gaps and drops signposted with arrows off line.
Intersects a few times with Corners so if it's getting a bit much you can bail out to the easier flow of Corners trail.
After a section of hairpin berms (which lazy riders plough straight down the middle of because they don't want to turn corners) there are a few progressively bigger jumps. They're rollable at moderate speed, but if you're honking down the trail you're going to be getting some airtime.
Although big bike riders enjoy Huckleberry Hound it is also suitable for trail bikes when piloted by experienced riders with good skills. This video shown below is not solely on Little Red Riding Huck but it gives you idea of what the trail is all about.
The track gets a lot of traffic from the shuttle service, so can be rutted at times. It is periodically maintained and often given a tune-up at the same time.
GETTING OUT: Ends at the corner of Pipeline and Hill Roads, the shuttle pick up point


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