BUILT: On a wet Good Friday back in 2004 a bunch of local riders were sitting in Zippy Central wondering what to do. Instead of getting on their bikes they headed up Direct Rd and trail blazed almost all the first section of this trail - the circuit around the crown of the hill.
It was Easter - hence the name. Dean Watson, Graeme Murray, Carolyn Scherger, Graeme Simpson, Rick Todd, Nigel Robinson and Annika and Rob Smail were all there on day one. That day they cut the part of the trail that circles the top of the hill, in clear air. Pine trees have grown and the views have gone. Some of the additional work further down the hill was done by Claude Manihera from forest management and Red McHale and the Department of Correction crews.
GETTING THERE: Starts from the top of Direct Rd. Most often access by climbing Direct Rd, it can also be reached from the other side, with Sidewinder joining the western side of Direct road and a short, mellow climb to the high point.


Fast and flowing with a few technical sections to keep you honest. Minimal pedalling required, except for a gully which you straight line down to carry as much speed as possible in order to get up the other side.

The trail handles rain well due to its coarse, loamy soil. In summer it develops some serious high speed braking bumps and takes on a different nature. There are plenty of different lines, so the more you ride it - the more dialed in you'll be able to make your line choices.
Towards the end there is a side option called Bandy Line. It is to your right after a traverse as you come into a fast, straight bumpy section which is the main track. Bandy Line has some tricky tight corners, and a drop which is getting bigger every year as the rain undercuts the landing. Scope it first - don't ride it blind or if it's above your abilities. Bandy Line joins back onto the main line for the final straight which fires you at speed into the intersection at the bottom of Direct where you probably started from.
GETTING OUT: Ends at the water tap on the intersection of Red Tank, Pipeline and Direct Rds. There is a signboard here and many options

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

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