The World's best trails?

It's a bold claim. 
However, the thousands of locals and visitors who ride the Whakarewarewa trail network every year will all tell you they are a fantastic place to mountain bike.
In a country with some great mountain biking, this 180 kilometre trail network on the southern outskirts of the city are some of the finest.
And research confirms the significant role they play in the lifestyle and economy of Rotorua with millions of dollars flowing in every year.
The trails have evolved over the years with a lot of people involved in building, maintaining and developing them.

Rotorua…Tourism central…This haven of geysers and mud pools is, and always has been, New Zealand’s meeting point between tourism and Maoritanga…
Not that we really had time to notice or care, sucked immediately as we were into the local forest, onto trails built by mountain bikers with mountain bikers in mind. 
Trails in verdant shade that dip and weave and roll. Trails that sneak through trees in a way that makes hard riders hoot with joy yet at the same time could coax a huge grin to the face of a 70-year-old grandma on her first bike ride ever. 
Sure, gawk at the geysers, wrinkle your nose at the stinking mud holes, soak in the springs, but get down on your knees and kiss the mulchy earth of these trails because they are the true hidden treasure here."

Mike Ferrentino, Bike Magazine

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