BUILT: in 2004 by Dave Hutchings (Hutch), with almost constant fettling by Hutch afterwards.
The top section was rebuilt and remodeled in the 2011/12 after logging in the area, with input and help from the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club.
GETTING THERE: Starts from the top of Katore Rd. Can also be accessed from Tokorangi Pa Rd.
Mainly downhill singletrack - a beauty and very entertaining as it initially snakes its way across the face of the hill you just climbed.

While the new top section in the young pine trees is well-groomed, do not be deceived - the riding line is narrow and there is little room for error before you'll be off the track. Lower down the hill the original trail has some real technical challenges through native bush. You need to be on your game through the drops, tight switchbacks and chutes – it is an honest grade 4. 
Part way through the native bush section there is a marked exit to your left to access Katore Jumps.
Dave taught himself trail building on this and has refined and refined it. Nice work. The open top section normally handles wet weather well, the lower native bush section gets slippery, especially over the numerous rooty sections.

GETTING OUT: When it drops you back on to Katore Rd, you are opposite the entrance of Paddy's Run (formerly called 'A Trail').
Or pedal a short distance further up Katore Rd. to Katore Jumps trail on your right.
Or go back up the hill to the Corridor/North Face/Eastern Spice/Tokorangi Pa trail options.
Or at the top of the hill turn right up Tokorangi Pa Rd. to access As You do and K2 trails.
It is option city!

Check out the video below to see just how fast things change around here: shot after the logging of the trees that once graced the top of the trail, and the rebuild by the club, but before the replanting took hold. Those big views are no longer there, and the new trees are already pretty big!

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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