GRADE: 4. LENGTH: 1.1km
BUILT: in 2007 by James Dodds, Rob Metz, Mark Upshall & Rotorua Mountain Bike Club.
IN 2017-18 this was revived after logging by Ash Edwardes.
Close to the intersection of Moerangi Rd and Tawa Rd. Often accessed after riding Billy T - exit Billy T, ride along the flat road (Moerangi Rd) for 50metres and G Rock is on your left.
Not. true Grade 4, even by the fairly user-friendly standards of Rotorua. Sweet singletrack, smooth and flowing with very little pedalling required. 
A few natural doubles and lines that you'll enjoy if you remember them coming up on subsequent rides.
Good design that is able to be ridden slowly by those who are newer to riding or less confident in their abilities, while being lots of fun for faster riders. 
The style of the trail fits well with the nature of riding Billy T first, then G Rock, then into Rollercoaster and Moonshine trails.
GETTING OUT: Crosses over Chestnut Rd, an old forestry road. Then you're straight into Rollercoaster trail, which has a similar general kind of style to G Rock. 
After Rollercoaster you'll end up on Reservoir Rd. close the the shuttle pickup point, and if you're keen can include Moonshine trail for a little more technical challenge right at the end


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