BUILT: Crafted in 2003 and maintained by Dave Hamilton. 
GETTING THERE: After the first section of Corridor trail from the top of Katore Rd. you'll reach a trail split. Corridor goes left, North Face goes straight ahead, Eastern Spice goes right.
TRAIL DESCRIPTION: A great descending trail with a few jumps, drops and rooty corners through native bush and eucalypts to keep you on your toes. Weather and volume of traffic effect it, so sometimes the drops and roots can be challenging.

Exits to Turkish Delight. There are a few lines at the transition from Eastern Spice to Turkish Delight - so take your time the first run through so you can figure out where to go on subsequent rides.

Expert Grade Trails in the Native Forest at the highest part of the park

Expert Grade Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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