in 2004 by Murray Avery and family. 

GETTING THERE:Starts from the bottom of the main climb on Katore Rd.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Originally named "A Trail", the name changed in June 2013 to Paddy's Run to commemorate Patrick 'Paddy' Avery, a fine young man and a very talented cyclist who passed away late in 2012.
A fast, flowing trail showcasing Murray's obsession with giving us a life free of ruts (also see the original Split EnzPondy New and Yellow Brick Road - beautifully benched, great flow). 
This trail has had a lot of care and remodelling.
There are a couple of trail splits for easy/hard options, they join back up a short distance later.

At a sign saying Wash Rd you can head right (a more technical exit) and drop out via a couple of switchbacks and head back out along Spruce Road towards Nursery Rd, the Challenge block and MTB carpark. Or continue on the left hand fork which will see you climb a little then descend a fast section and meet Spruce Road which takes you up a gentle hill to a skid site. Straight across the skid site is the entry to The Tickler trail.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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