BUILT: Originally build by Dean Watson, Rhys Cleverley & Rick Todd. This lower section remains, but the top section was rebuilt by the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club after forestry harvesting in 2015. Maintained by Whaka Digs.

GETTING THERE: From the intersection of Nursery and Katore Roads.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: A very gentle climb will deliver you to a stunning lookout spot with views over Lake Rotorua and the city. Easily accessed, it's going to be a favourite for beginner and younger riders with views like this - similar to the views from the higher point of Corridor trail, but without the effort of having to climb Katore Rd. to get there.
The trail is smooth with flowing berms and mellow rollers. A flat section crosses over the Old Exit trail, keep going straight ahead here and you'll soon be into the treeline. The trail from here is mostly the original Exit trail which was not affected by the forestry operations. Some corners have been realigned and improved to ensure a smooth flow all the way to the exit.

GETTING OUT: The trail exits at the same spot as the old one - at the bottom of the tar seal road of Nursery Road. From here you'll head out on the flat tar seal of Long Mile Road if you want to finish there (and came in from that side of the forest). Or turn left up the tar seal climb of Nursery Road. The climb is a bit of a drag for many riders, but doesn't last too long.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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