BUILT: Originally built in 2007 by Murray Avery, in 2010 the trail was re-opened after logging operations. In 2016 there was further forestry harvesting and the trail was completely re-built by the Rotorua Trails Trust.

GETTING THERE: Accessed by the Timewarp from the summit of the Moerangi Road saddle. The view from the start of the trail currently wins the prize of best view in the forest – a panorama including Green Lake, Mt Ruapehu and Rotorua City and the lake, worth an extended rest (there’s even a park bench up there) on a good day after the long climb.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Staying true to the nature of the trail that made it many rider's favourite back in 2007, the Rotorua Trails Trust rebuilt version retains the mellow, flowing style of the original. It is far longer though, with insightful reading of the contours by the trail builders to milk as much distance and smoothness from the terrain as possible. There’s a gentle descent the entire length of the trail - so little need for pedalling input. Riders are more likely to need to take a rest to ease their aching arms and sore faces from so much smiling on the long ride down! Although many corners have a consistent sweeping bend, there is the occasional turn that is a little tighter and requires riders to feather their brakes to roll around. Just enough to keep things interesting and make sure you're paying attention. After traversing across the western side of Moerangi Hill the trail enters a short section of native forest before emerging into yet more sinewy lines of trail, wrapping around the hillside to continue dropping riders until a right hand berm flicks riders into the new clearcut area that was once the beloved Pondy New. A great little link trail by Casey at Rotorua Trails Trust continues in the character of Split Enz and deposits you on to RollerCoaster. 

GETTING OUT: The trail flows smoothly onto Rollercoaster

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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