GRADE: 3. LENGTH: 1km. 

BUILT: in 2000 by Leone Sinclair and Jeanne Bright. 

GETTING THERE: Sidewinder starts on Lentil Road, and climbs to Direct Road. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: In 2014 Sidewinder was re-designated as an uphill only track. It has recently been tidied up to make climbing it slightly easier. This allows riders who have descended on Whaki or Tukonohi, or returning from Eagle vs. Shark or Kataore trails to avoid the forestry road climb of Hill Road to get back to the bulk of trails (and closer to shuttle uplifts) on the singletrack climb of Sidewinder. 
Steep pinches have been mellowed but will keep fit riders challenged. Moderate fitness will see some people walk sections.

It has been largely bypassed by the much more pleasant Apumoana, which starts on Lentil Road closer to Windy Road, and is a much mellower climb to Direct - you can connect from Apumoana to Sidewinder too.

GETTING OUT: At the exit on the saddle of Direct Road riders can turn left to get to the Direct/Hill road intersection, or turn right to climb a little more and access Tutaeata, Tumeke, Te Ruru, and Hot X Buns trails.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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