GRADE: 2  LENGTH: 2.5KM - feels longer in a good way

BUILT: Built in 1994 by Fred Christensen. Lots of work done by Red McHale and the Department of Corrections crews. After thinning in 2011, the trail was remodeled by the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club, Mark Upshall from Spadewerx and Casey King.
Maintained by Revolve Rotorua

GETTING THERE: Starts off Pohaturoa Rd near the intersection of Nursery Rd.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: One of Whakarewarewa forest's originals and if there is an iconic trail this is The One. Highly recommended for families and beginners. Mostly flat flowing trail with good berms, great introduction to riding for first timers or a warm/up down for more experienced riders. Popular for families with wide tracks to overtake slower riders.
Like all the trails rebuilt and revamped after extensive forestry operations, the brief was to retain the shape, style and length of the original. It was also important that the trail remained what it has always been: family-friendly and also a fast, flat workout for the experienced riders. Success!
The series of well-engineered berms at the start of The Dipper is now better, evened-out and faster. 

WICKED – put the hammer down and see if you can lose those following. The revamped trail features more rollers, jumps (safely tabled topped, so you can roll then) and even more berms.
The actual Dipper feature is an optional 'hard line' now, with two easier lines around it keeping the entire trail within a grade 2 classification.
Pop out after the Dipper (which is where you came into the trail) onto Pohaturoa Rd or keep going and there are more berms after this. Including The Big Berm built by the Corrections guys 15 years ago. They also did some major maintenance on this in November 2009.
The Big Berm was groomed in the revamp and is still a major fun factor on the trail. The following section looping through the mature Douglas Fir has been tidied up with increased flow and the occasional smooth table top jump.

GETTING OUT: The Dipper ends at a cross roads, close to Baker's Hollow. Most riders will head into the second half of Tahi trail from here to aim back towards the Waipa MTB carpark. Or you can turn right on the gravel road to get back to Pohaturoa road and head uphill towards Challenge block or the start of Dipper again (it's not uncommon to enjoy the Dipper so much, that you need to do it twice).

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