BUILT: in 2006 by James Dodds, Rob Metz & RMTBC. 

GETTING THERE: Starts at the intersection of Hill Rd and Direct Rd.

Frontal Lobotomy is a steady and moderate climb, it has a few sharp pinch climbs which can be rutted out - to make them just that little bit trickier. The first traverse is generally consistent in gradient, after a right hand switchback the next traverse has the pinch climbs. Save some energy for the end though, the last 10 seconds of the track are the steepest on the whole thing.

GETTING OUT: Exits at  the Shuttle drop off point towards the top of Tawa Rd. From there you can head downhill on Eagle Vs. Shark, Corners, Underbilly, Huckleberry Hound (Jump track), or The Taniwha (National Downhill). Or head a little further up Tawa road to access Billy T and the Department of Conservation native bush trails: Tihi O Tawa, Tuhoto Ariki, Hatu Patu and Kataore

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Waipa / Rotorua city

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Forest Hub 2 / Lakes


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