GRADE: 2 LENGTH: 3.7km

GETTING THERE: Te Pou-Koropu & Return are two trails on the eastern side of the forest which will make a great loop from the new Forest Hub 2 car park (when it opens)

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Te Pou-Koropu starts on Windy Road at the intersection with Lentil Road, and follows a rolling contour through young pines to finish at the Forest Hub 2 entrance, or what riders have called "The Black House" since mountain biking began, in honour of the small black cottage opposite the forest entrance. Te Pou-Koropu Return starts on Windy Road not far from the Forest Hub 2, and follows a higher line to the start of Te Pou-Koropu.

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Waipa / Rotorua city

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Forest Hub 2 / Lakes


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