BUILT: Originally built in 1996. Extended in 2006 by James Dodds and the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club.

GETTING THERE: Starts from Chestnut Rd. although the more usual access to it comes after riding G Rock. (G Rock flows directly into Roller Coaster). Pondy New also delivers riders into RollerCoaster.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: A few high speed sections, a couple of jumps (which are easily avoided if you prefer), and a lot of fast flowing corners.
You'll get to a major singletrack intersection where Pondy trail comes into Roller Coaster. From here it's a little flatter but still predominantly downhill.
There is also another trail at this intersection - straight ahead of you as you ride into the intersection, it climbs up a short hill then descends a re-established old school trail onto Ring Rd. There is not much point to that trail because it doesn't get you any closer to other trails - only really done by riders heading way out the back towards No Brains or even further to Mossy loop.
After this there is a flattish traverse with a few gentle ups and downs before the next feature - the trail splits. To the right is the original trail which curves around a 180 degree left hand corner. To the left is a steep, rutted straight line which aims riders straight into a tree and abrupt turn to the original track. Ride it at your own risk - if in doubt, take the safer option.

GETTING OUT: The Roller Coaster continues with a section across the gravel road which exits further down on Reservoir Rd. An easy alternative is to just roll down the rough gravel road to Reservoir Rd. Or a more technical option is to turn right into Moonshine trail which also exits on Reservoir Rd.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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