GRADE: 1 (Shared use) Length: 1.4KM

BUILT: In July 2010 by Department of Corrections work crews. Bridges sponsored by Red Stag Timber.

GETTING THERE:  One end is at the water tank at the end of Mad if you Don't trail (the intersection of Nursery Rd. and 8 Mile Gate Rd.) The other end is at the intersection of Larch and Hill Roads. Access it from either end, because it's a two way, shared use trail.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Nothing technical, just tranquill and relaxing. Runs parallel to Ball & Chain which is on other side of the stream. There is also a cruisy link track from the Duck Pond and Larch Roads intersection down to Puarenga.
Great link track in a picturesque part of our forest, Puarenga features bench seats along the trail for time-out. A beautiful traditional Maori carving stands as a guardian over the trail about half-way through.
The perfect place to cruise and stop for a bite to eat, especially on a hot summer's day.
Puarenga - Flowers of Sulphur - refers to sulphur particles floating on the surface, sometimes joining together, resembling petals of flowers, hence the name... from The History and Placenames of Rotorua by the late, great Don Stafford (thanks to Kiri Jarden at RDC for the heads-up).

GETTING OUT: From the Duck Pond/Larch intersection you're within sight of the 8 Mile Gate entry to the forest. Many options from here to head further out, or turn around and ride the trail back the other way to head home to the Waipa Carpark.
From the Nursery Rd. end - follow the Tar seal road a short distance till you see the Verry Safe trail beside the road. This will take you back to the Waipa Carpark. Or, you can turn right up the gravel Nursery Rd. to head towards the core network trails. 

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Waipa / Rotorua city

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Forest Hub 2 / Lakes


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