BUILT: In 2005 by James Dodds and the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club. 
In September 2012, after forestry harvesting in the area the top section was re-aligned and extended through to exit on Katore Rd.

GETTING THERE: Starts off Spruce Road, about 100 metres past the beginning. Most often accessed by taking the right hand exit from B Rude Not 2 which takes the rider to the intersection of The Wash Rd. and Spruce Rd.

A reasonably steady climb with three main traverses across the face of the hill. The first traverse has a few short steeper pinch climbs mixed in. The second traverse has a slightly easier gradient through some spectacular big eucalyptus trees. The third traverse is through young pines, again with a couple of short pinch climbs in it. Note that this is a shared use trail, so you may meet some runners and walkers.

GETTING OUT: Exits on Katore Rd. Turn right and you are literally at the Paddy's Run (formerly called A Trail) entrance. Or keep heading up Katore Rd. for Katore Jumps or the trails from the top of Tokorangi Pa Rd. - K2, Corridor, Eastern Spice, North Face, Tokorangi or Gunna Gotta.
Or turn left and look for the entry to Turkish Delight on your right. 
Or keep heading down Katore Rd. to get to the Exit trails and Challenge block area.
So many options from this point - it's a great trail to provide you with lots of trail choices!

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Waipa / Rotorua city

Grade 1 & 2 Trails close to Forest Hub 2 / Lakes


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