BUILT: in 1995 by Fred Christensen. 

Starts at the skid site at the end of Part 1 of Tahi up a short steep little climb.

Creek is a mixed trail, most of it reasonably flat and flowing with short sections that ramp up to grade 3 with a couple of chutes.
Because the majority of it is mellow it is ideal for riders progressing from The Dipper to improve their skills - ride it and walk the tricky bits if you need to.
In part one you will find a left/right fork about 500m in with easy/hard signage.
Go left and it is a flattish ride to part two (or Baker's Hollow). It's a well built and flowy bit of trail.
Take the right option and there is a higher speed chute down to the creek with a sharp left hander back onto a flat section. This chute changes from year to year as it weathers and can be a little tricky if it's rain rutted.
After part one you can head straight out to Baker's Hollow and into The Dipper, or drop to the right across a bridge over the creek and into part two of Creek Trail.
A 2nd technical Creek crossing is in this sectiont, too. However, there is a clearly signposted easy line to the right of the main line, and then an even easier highline with a bridge to the left of the main line.
After this the singletrack narrows and follows the contour of the creek.
You will come to an obvious turn off up a small rise to your left to ride out of this section and up the road to a small clearing. Or if you keep on the main trail you'll get a few more minutes of riding before it ends up back at that same small clearing.
From the clearing you can head straight up the rough dis-used gravel road to Nursery Road or head into the continution of Creek Trail on your right. The nature of the trail changes here with tight corners through some impressive Redwoods. Smooth riding is rewarded here and really gives your ability to carry speed through corners a good work out.
Tends to get some puddled water in spots in wet weather but not enough to stop you riding it.

At the end of this you can turn left out onto Nursery Rd or go right again for the last section of Creek which is a short, fast run, also coming out a little further down on Nursery Rd.

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