BUILT: in 2004 by Pat Tickelpenny, Mark Smith and Murray Avery. 
Major rebuild by Pat and the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club in 2011/12 after logging in the area.

GETTING THERE: Starting from the skid site at the end of Spruce Rd (you get there via Katore Jumps or another favourite, Paddy's Run (formerly called A Trail).

The Tickler has a fast and quite technical section at the start where it drops down to a creek, but there is an easier option signposted on the right before the main trail drops. Shortly after the creek crossing there is a short pinch climb to a clearing with a few of the remaining Californian Redwoods from the original stand of forest. Take a moment here and keep your eyes and ears open. One of the NZ native falcons released in 2013 has been making itself at home in this area. The next stage is cross-country, following the profile and style of the original trail which was lost in the 2011 harvesting activity. It is a gradual climb, interspersed with a few dips, from the stand of Redwoods to the junction with the Wash Trail and shortly after, under another preserved stand of Redwoods, the trail exit at the junction of Direct, Pipeline and Red Tank Roads. Normally handles wet weather well.

Finishes at the water tap on the intersection of Red Tank Rd, Direct Rd, Pipeline Rd. The Tickler is a good way to get here to head further to the outback. Or you can hang a right and you are 20m away from the start of B Rude Not 2 Trail. Or if you're shuttling, head to your right down Red Tank Rd and take the first trail on your left - Bunny Juggs which will aim you towards the shuttle pickup point, crossing Pipeline Rd in the process

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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