Te Poaka

GRADE: 3  LENGTH: 2.4km

BUILT: 2021 by Empire of Dirt

GETTING THERE: Starts at the top of the climbing trail Apumoana. It's almost the top of Direct Road, if you are coming from the Waipa side.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Designed as a "anybody can ride it" alternative to the much trickier Hot X Buns, Te Poaka redefines the "flow" trail. It is very fast, smooth and wide. There are numerous features but all are safe if speed is under control. If you are not a confident rider, just take it easy! Keep your speed down and enjoy a leisurely cruise through big widely spaced pine trees. 

GETTING OUT: The trail exits at the big clearing at the junction of Pipeline and Red Tank Roads, with Be Rude Not To and other trails accessible from there.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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