GRADE: 3 LENGTH: 1.2km

BUILT: by Red McHale and the Department of Correction crews - open July 2009
GETTING THERE: The entrance to this is at the skid site on Dragon's Tail that has the short berms and jumps section. As you drop out of the pine trees into the clearing Te Ara Puna is immediately on your left.

A climb out of Dragons Tail clearing to swoop down to the end of Duck Pond Rd via a few high speed berms. A large gap jump at the end can be avoided if air time is not your thing.
Te Ara Puna means The Pond Trail. It runs down to the top of Duck Pond Rd with fast, bermed sections.
From the exit it's a fast forest road run down Duck Pond to the T-intersection on Larch Rd. Stop for a while and admire the Duck Pond - cleared and landscaped. 

GETTING OUT: Head left down Larch Rd. to the large Hill Rd intersection by the 8 Mile Gate entry to the forest.
Or look for a trail entrance directly opposite Duck Pond Rd. which leads onto Puarenga Stream track.
Or head right up Larch Rd. to get to Red Tank Rd.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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