GRADE: 3 LENGTH: 2.5km

BUILT: Completed in late 2015 by Rob Metz.
Sections harvested were reinstated in late 2018.
Thanks also go to the landowners, Central North Island Iwi Holdings - for giving permission to run the track through this area.

GETTING THERE: Starts on Tikitapu Rd, very close to the intersection with the tar seal 8 Mile Gate Rd. 
Riders coming from the end of Kung Fu Walrus or Te Ahi Manawa trails will appreciate this option to avoid either the big climb over Moerangi Rd. or the long slog around Sandstone/Fern Drive to get back to the Waipa and city side of the main divide. 

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: The English language translation of the Maori word Taura is - Tether, rope, cable, cord. In this case it represents a tether that connects the outback trails with the inner trails of Whakarewarewa forest.
Don't be fooled by the Grade 3 designation. As a hand built trail there are several features that are closer to Grade 4 in difficulty. Everything is easy enough unless you are going too fast, when they become very tricky indeed.
At the end of Taura there is a new return loop on Yellow Brick Road Trail. This short section is built at the same grade as the rest of Yellow Brick Road.
Keep in mind that the tar seal 8 Mile Gate Rd. is off limits to riders - make use of Taura trail to link back towards the inner network of trails.

GETTING OUT:  The Yellow Brick Road return loop brings riders to the intersection of Hill and Reservoir Rds. - close to the 8 Mile Gate entry to the forest.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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