BUILT: in 1999 by Dean Watson. 

GETTING THERE: From the intersection of Katore Rd. and Nursery Rd. it is a short climb up Katore Rd. till it flattens out and the trail entry is on your left.

Old school XC, Interval style trail with short, sharp climbs and short descents. A great track to improve your fitness. It heads down, it heads up, then down again, then up, then down - you get the picture. After a short first section the trail turns left into Turkish Delight and both trails follow the same course for a hundred metres or so. Then Soakhole turns off to the right on a bermed corner - easy to miss this turn. It dips and dives and climbs amongst the trees (veer left at a signposted fork) then meets up with the end of Tokorangi/start of Turkish, follows Turkish Delight again for a very short stretch before heading left off Turkish and continuing to two exits (a short exit and a longer exit) onto Katore Rd. The longer exit is right beside the entry to the trail, where you started. This trail is always dry due to the coarse loamy pumice surface laughing in the face of wet weather, but often has a lot of needle litter on the surface because it’s one of the lesser-used trails in the forest.

GETTING OUT: You can do the short first section and exit on Tokorangi Pa Rd, or the whole trail which brings you all the way back to Katore Rd and an exit right next to the entrance.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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