GRADE: 3 LENGTH: 1.5km

BUILT BY: Rotorua Trails Trust in Summer 2017

GETTING THERE: Starts from the entry point of Pondy New trail. Most commonly accessed by riding Yellow Brick Road trail then up Sandy Skid Road.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: It's a definite climb, with some short, sharp sections that will have even the fittest riders gasping. Stick with it though, the steep bits aren't too long and there is a lot of more gentle gradient sprinkled in to let you get your breath back.
You'll reach a gravel forestry road with a sign saying turn left (along the road) to get to Split Enz, or continue climbing to stay on Pondy Elevator trail. If you take the easy option and head left you'll enter Split Enz trail close to the bottom. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you know you're missing out on most of the Split Enz trail goodness.
Head straight on Pondy Elevator and the gradient is more consistent than what you've just done, then links onto Moerangi Road which is a gentle (but long) climb.

GETTING OUT: Exits on Moerangi Road. Head up the hill and settle in for a climb to the Moerangi Saddle. From there most riders will turn into Timewarp trail to access the Split Enz and Rocky Horror trail network.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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