GRADE: 2  LENGTH: 1.1KM (Pig); 0.5KM (Piglet)

BUILT: By the Scarlet Manuka and Evan Freshwater in the olden days! 
Ash Edwardes sorted some bridging and high-lines after the winter and rain of 2017 

GETTING THERE: The Pig is a one way, predominantly climbing trail from The Wash. 
Piglet is a two way trail linking from Nursery Rd. to The Pig.

These are shared use trails, with two way traffic on Piglet, so be aware of other users.
'Le Cochon' et 'le Porcelet' That's French for the Pig and the Piglet; sounds sexier in French I think, and if you've ridden these trails lately you'd have noticed how they have been really tarted-up. 
There is not much technical or demanding about either trail, linking Katore Rd with the bottom of The Wash [Pig] or Nursery Rd [Piglet], but they are an essential ride if you are taking out a novice or a youngster on a tag-along. It's only the top section immediately below Katore Rd that is moderately steep with a bit of a rut, but that can be avoided.
Trail adoptee Ron Gee has certainly made a silk purse out of a sow's ear with these trails, which like many evolved from riders moving into a compartment after re-planting. Ron's passion for pork is there for all to see, with the edges mowed to keep back the spring growth and wooden gutters to channel the water off the trail to prevent rutting out. All that's missing is the crackling and apple sauce, but Ron has provided more garnish to these trails than any pork roast I've sat down to. Cheers, Dave D.

Piglet is a link trail, delivering you either to Katore Road from Nursery Rd or from The Wash.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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