GRADE: 3 LENGTH: 4.5km in total. 2.8km if taking the shortest route.

BUILT: Planned and started in 2007 by Rick Todd helped by a big crew of volunteers - a lot of them were also involved in the planning and early days of Hot X Buns. Rick has been involved in trail building for a long time and was course designer and builder of the XC course for the 2006 World Champs - and it shows.

Old Chevy starts from the corner of Ring Rd and Reservoir Rd

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Old school, old heads, Old Chevy. The trail meanders up and down and around with great scenery in the larch trees.
After a sharp climb in (The Radiator) the trail rolls down the ridge line with Hill Rd way below - this is the Chassis.
This first section of Old Chevy really sums the trail up - a mix of climbs and fast flowing downhills. The second section has a beautiful end to it with a drop into a short canyon, a running stream of crystal clear water, and a short but very tough climb out. Scope the drop out before hitting it at speed: it is safely rollable but would be bad to get wrong. The last section - The Exhaust - is a ripper and by the end of it you have forgotten the steeper pinch climbs! 
Just before you exit there is a gap jump into a G-out, with a faster singletrack option to the left of it.
Above the run into the jump and to the right, there is an alternative trail that is a little longer. It is also fast and flowy with a couple of sharp tricky corners thrown in to keep you on your game - nice berms at the start of this section. This merges with the original trail just before the exit.
There are a couple of other alternative lines - they all meet up eventually so you won't get lost, have an explore and check them out.
Part of this stand of forest has natural springs and so is protected from harvesting. 

GETTING OUT:  Exits onto the Hill Rd/Reservoir Rd intersection at the 8 Mile Gate entry to the forest. Yellow Brick Road is virtually opposite Old Chevy's exit. 

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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