BUILT: What used to be an old skid road with a couple of natural hips has been reinvented completely with a huge amount of work by Lance Tavinor and Dale Hollows. Constantly being refined it is usually in pristine condition.

GETTING THERE: An early exit (signposted) from Gunna Gotta points you straight into Katore Jums trail. Or from the bottom of Katore Rd. you can ride past Paddy's Run entry and continue a short distance up the hill to get to Katore Jumps trail on your right.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Great flowing downhill with a range of jumps. There are B-lines around all the jumps, and it's definitely worth checking it out on your first run down. 
It's different to other trails in the Whakarewarewa network because the jumps are not all consistent: Some are short (you need to stay low on them otherwise you'll overshoot the landing at speed). Some are long (you'll need to come in carrying some speed to smoothly make the landing transition). 
A couple of the lips of the take-offs are abrupt, so deserve to be treated with respect.

GETTING OUT: It leads into a short gravel road section, through a large skid site and into Tickler trail. Tickler will then lead you up to the beginning of B Rude Not 2, Bunny Juggs and Dragons Tail to head back downhill. Or you can keep heading further out on Red Tank Rd, Direct Rd or Pipeline Rd.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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