The Challenge Mini Network is comprised of four tracks: Challenge, Challenge Roadside, Down the Guts, and Boulderdash.


BUILT BY: Originally built in 1993 by Fred Christensen. Completely rebuilt in 2011/12 by Empire of Dirt for the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club after the area was harvested.

GETTING THERE: Entrance to all the Challenge Block trails is from the high point of Radio Hut Rd.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: The Club’s brief for the extensive rebuild of the trail was to retain the shape, length and the style of the original as much as possible. While following the original line it now features a lot more berms, rollers and jumps (all safely table-topped) while still retaining the flowing nature of the original.
The trail is very popular with riders of all abilities. The jumps are designed to be safe to roll over at slow speed, but as rider's speed increases so does their ability to clear the tabletops.

GETTING OUT: Drop out to the left at the end of the initial descent and you'll be at the intersection of Pohaturoa and Nursery roads and the entrance to The Dipper, another Whakarewarewa Forest original trail. From here you can continue up Nursery Road hill to do more trails in the Challenge Block.
Or you can stay on Challenge Roadside which continues downhill at a more gentle inclination to eventually exit on Puhaturoa Road.
There is another option as well, (all clearly signposted), to take a right turn and head onto the climb and subsequent descent of the second half of the Challenge trail.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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