BUILT: in 2017 by David Crawley, Mark Smith, Rob Metz - with maybe, some Ash Edwardes flourishes.
Fluffy Ducks easier lines by DC with help from Mark West and a big team of pixies.

The perfect complement to the climb of As You Do, which ends about 50 metres east of the start of Box of Birds on a side branch of Tokorangi Pa Rd. The entry point is the former entry/exit of As You Do. The trails cross the New Forest Loop trail, there will be a bridge constructed there in future.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: The first section is easy cross-country, with an avoidable dropoff (go right) at the point where it crosses Tokorangi Pa Rd. The trail continues on the other side of the road – a mixture of steep turns and drops and flatter sections, often slippery after rain, more like a grade 4 level of riding. Easier lines can be taken by following the Fluffy Ducks lines - still plenty of exposure if you make a mistake, but all easily negotiated if you are cautious. The last section of the trail, after a log feature with several options to cross it, is an easy roll through to the junction of the trail with the lower section of As You Do, where it turns left then right in quick succession on to a great little esction pointing you back towards LongMile Rd via Mokopuna

GETTING OUT: Finishes at a junction point with As You Do. If you continue straight ahead on As You Do you’ll get to Tarawera Rd. If you turn right at As You Do this trail will take you on a steady climb back up to Tokorangi Rd and then K2, or beyond that, access to Tokorangi, Corridor and Gunna Gotta trails.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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