GRADE: 3 LENGTH: 2.3km

BUILT: Genesis is the track that started it all - the first one built by Fred Christensen way back in 1989. It was originally called Circuit Track, was 3.5km long and featured 95 corners! After harvesting of the pine trees in 2015 it has been reinstated with a few variations - Arepa Loop is one of them.

GETTING THERE: Entry is at the highest point of Radio Hut Rd. Just along from the entry to the Challenge Block trails.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: At the trailhead there is an immediate left and right fork. The trail to the left is Arepa Loop - a winding XC style with fair amounts of pedalling, a few exposed tree roots and a couple of stumps that have been ramped up into jumps (to flat landings). Those stump jumps have easy lines around them.
After skirting the contours of the hill the trail comes to the exit point of the Mini DH and Te Huinga trails onto Nursery Rd. You can exit here or keep on riding Arepa Loop which traverses its way back up the slope to get you to the original starting point.

The Arepa Loop trail crosses the New Forest Loop trail in several places, they are controlled by wodden barriers to minimise risk of collisions.

GETTING OUT: If you exit at the half way point on Nursery Rd - turn left to the Dodzy Skills Park or Long Mile carpark. Turn right to head up the gravel of Nursery Road towards challenge block and the Waipa MTB carpark.
If you ride the entire trail (including the uphill section) you'll end up where you started.

Grade 3 Trails on Forest Hub 2 / Lakes side of forest


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