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BUILT: by James Dodds and Rotorua Mountain Bike Club, opened October 2008.

After logging this had a major rebuild in 2017 by Southstar Trails.

GETTING THERE: The easy way is to buy a shuttle pass and be delivered to the shuttle drop off point towards the top of Tawa Rd. Corners trail head is right there. Or you can use any of a variety of the gravel forestry roads, including the lung busting Frontal Lobotomsingletrack trail to get there under your own steam.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: There are a few trails starting from the same point, so take your time in the first 50m to pay attention to the signs showing the track names. You'll initially ride on the start of Taniwha track alongside the road. Then Taniwha turns to the right, and Huckleberry hound turns to the left you stay between those two and head into Corners. The trail drops to the shuttle pick up via almost 4km of twisting Grade 3 goodness. Many big berms connect a flowing series of traverses that make a big hill last much longer than you would expect. Corners is a trail anybody can ride.

The trail crosses over Little Red Riding Huck trail a few times - keep your eyes peeled for the track name signs to make sure you stay on Corners.

If you're feeling adventurous you can mix in some sections of Little Red Riding Huck with Corners.

GETTING OUT: The trail exits on Pipeline Rd. at the Shuttle pick up point. Either shuttle, or ride up Hill Rd. to get back up to the high points of the forest. Or head right along Pipeline to head towards B Rude Not 2 and the climb up to Hot X Buns trails. Or head down Hill Rd. to the 8 Mile Gate entry point to the forest.



Please ride within your limits, and be aware that trails can change with weather and heavy use from race events effecting their difficulty. Ride Rotorua will in no way be liable for any injury or damages arising from riding any of the trails listed on the Ride Rotorua website.




Awesome, loved it great way to get the arms and legs going. rode it on an Ebike though so even better, can't wait to do it again. All tracks/trails have been awesome this year hard packed, smooth, dry, fast and clean to boot and we rode quite a few in 4 days. May 2019 .Bring on next year woohoo


Beaker - 22/05/19 10:15am


awesome fun and flowy... especially the top section, even in the wet. Wish i could have ridden it in the dry!


allan - 18/10/11 09:20pm


Great fun and a good challenge for beginners. Mostly downhill and satisfies as you get faster everytime you use it


Eden Chapman - 30/05/11 06:13pm


Is this the best trail in the forest? After a week of riding on an all-mountain style trail bike i think so!


Private Parts - 07/02/10 09:10pm


Excellent trail, well worth the ride up the hill. The kids really enjoyed it.


Andrew - 01/06/09 04:35pm


This is a great trail to ride at any time -- wonderful for practicing flow and keeping a line through the corners -- but once you try it as a night ride you'll want to do it again and again. It's a complete blast!


Erik Westra - 08/02/09 12:01am


Awesome trail not one rider Ive spoken too has'nt loved it.Cant wait till one of the great trail builders fills in the gap fm Tawa/Moerangi cnr to Hill rd


Simone - 22/01/09 03:09pm


There are few other trials in the woods that require you to work your bike as much as this trail - it is mentally and physically stimulating. I like that it isn't too 'hectic' in a downhill sense and it's true that anyone can ride it but does require good skills really flow down this trial. I loved it and it was a great reward for the climb up to the start.


Nicholas Schnell - 15/01/09 08:51pm


my favorite trail ive ever ridden in vegas. Im glad that finally someone has realized that not everyone wants to huck and muscle themselves through a trail, and has answered by putting in this awesome track. Fast flowing singletrack. perfect.


Rory - 07/01/09 12:30pm


Great trail. I agree with Jonathan-this is a trail that a lot of people will be able to do without risking life and limb and it is still fun for the more experienced. Well done Dodzy and crew.


Tim - 04/12/08 07:40pm


I'd agree with gaz. Will be awesome with signs up so you know you know which bits to head down so you don't end u on the jumps track. The berms are mint though


Luke - 17/11/08 02:51pm


On the other hand, you can get to this trail from the end of Billy T via a short climb to Huckleberry, and then into old chevy/yellow brick/Pondy New/menu. Which is a great XC loop.


gaz - 13/10/08 03:04pm


Love it, boardering awesome..suits my style being not a gravity rider but a bit of a grind in parts, some interesting switchbacks, a great warm-up track and a great end of the day track to have a final blast on. Well done Dodzy!!


Grant Kilby - 13/10/08 02:25pm