LENGTH: 2.4km
BUILT: Mid 2016, revised to Grade 3 2021
GETTING THERE: Whaki starts on the flat part of Direct Road, below the Hill Road intersection. If you're climbing Direct Rd from the western side (Waipa MTB carpark side) of Hill Rd - the entry to Whaki is on your left.
If you're riding up Hill Rd from the Forest Hub 2 side, as soon as the hill flattens off you'll see the entry to Tukonohi on your right - go a little further and turn down Direct Road to reach Whaki.
TRAIL DESCRIPTION: A fast and flowing trail in a similar style to Eagle vs Shark. There are a couple of short, flat pedalling sections but overall it's a fun descent that is action packed with small features.
After the initial short climbing section through young forest the trail traverses across the slope into a long twisting downhill that is pretty tight in places. 
GETTING OUT: The trail ends on opposite a short link to the Putake O Tawa Carpark.


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