The Redwoods

The Redwood Memorial Grove is a special part of the Whaka Forest you can take a stroll in.

Accessed from Longmile Road, five minutes from town, or an easy bike on the cycleway around Sulphur Point.

What originally started out as an experiment to test the suitability of native and exotic forest species for commercial planting in the early 1900’s turned out to a vibrant recreational hub for the local community as well as a must-visit destination for visitors from across the globe.
Of the 170 different tree species planted in the Whakarewarewa Forest as part of the original trials in the early 1900s, only a handful remain today – including the 6 hectare stand of Californian Redwoods known as the Redwood Memorial Grove which is protected from tree harvesting so you can always count on these gentle giants towering high above the forest floor to welcome you here.


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