Eastern Okataina Walkway

After a stunning drive along the shores of Rotoiti, and down through the forest to Lake Okataina, visitors will find a pristine lake completely ringed with mature forest, full of Pohutukawa and other big native trees.

A walkway begins at the end of the road, and follows the shoreline to the end of the lake, where it rises over the ithsmus and continues to the river outlet on Lake Tarawera.

It is an area rich in history, from the geological beginnings of the lakes, through centuries of occupation by the Maori discoverers of the region, to the huge volcanic eruption of Tarawera in 1886.

The Okataina lake has limits on activities, with no waterskiing, or jetskis allowed, and a strict speed limit on what boating there is. The result is a peaceful place with great swimming spots and beautiful bush to explore.


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