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Skyline Rotorua Luge


Skyline Luge is a fun, fast-paced family activity that everyone of all ages will enjoy!

Part go-cart, part toboggan, the Rotorua Luge offers a truly unique outdoor experience that should be on your list of things to do in Rotorua.

Found in the heart of New Zealand's scenic volcanic wonderland, this is where the Luging adventure all began in 1985. Rotorua Luge has three tracks of differing skill levels winding through beautiful forest.

Once you reach the Skyline Rotorua complex, select from one of the three exciting Luge trails. Take off downhill on your luge through twists and turns to a backdrop of dramatic scenery and down through our Redwood forest.

Once at the bottom, ride the scenic chairlift back to the top of the track.

Don't miss out on one of the most popular Rotorua attractions!

How do I luge?

It's simple, and anyone can do it!
Our purpose built three wheeled Luge carts are gravity fuelled and the rider has full control over speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system.

All you have do to is pull back on the bars to stop, push forward to go and enjoy the ride!

The Rotorua Luge Experience

Explore over four kilometres of thrilling, scenic Luge tracks at Skyline Rotorua Luge, the longest of all Skyline Luge tracks!

Whether taking the gentle paced Scenic track, stepping up to the Intermediate or taking on the challenge of the Advanced, our tracks will provide fun and excitement to all.

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