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Velocity Valley

Velocity Valley Adrenaline Park

Come experience all things unique at Velocity Valley. 6 awesome adrenaline rides all in one location.


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Ride furiously fast around our purpose-built jet sprint track reaching speeds of up to 100km p/hr.
Jump in the passenger seat and sit back while our professional driver takes you on a thrilling ride.
Ride 3 Laps of our 1km course and end the ride with a full 360-degree spin.

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Shweeb Racer

Velocity Valley is home to the worlds only Shweeb Racer.
Let us turn you biking experience upside down as you pedal your way around our 200 m monorail racetrack. Challenge your friends to 3 laps around the track in our bullet-shaped pods trying to get the fastest time and beat your opponent. Perfect ride for some healthy competition between friends or foes.

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Freefall Xtreme

Live out your wildest dreams and learn to fly with Freefall Xtreme. Our flight masters will teach you the basics of flying in our outdoor wind tunnel. Freefall Xtreme is the only outdoor wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere.

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Feel the fear as you are hoisted 40 metres in the air then self-release at the pull of a cord. 3 2 1 PULL!
Dive headfirst towards the ground before going into a giant pendulum swing overlooking the park.
This ride can take 1 2 or 3 people at a time.


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Rotorua Bungy Jump

Face your fears and take the ultimate leap of faith off our 43-metre-high bungy tower. Take in the view of Ngongotaha before stepping off. Solo or tandem jumps available.


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Freestyle Air Bag

Freestyle Airbag is New Zealand’s only dedicated bike airbag that allows riders to train for freestyle tricks as they descend a hill and hit one of three ramps.
Best place to practice your tricks before taking them to the dirt.

We have packages to suit individuals and families. We offer flexibility with our packages, allowing customers to pick their choice of activity when they arrive and offering upgrade prices onsite if they wish to try more rides.

All our packages are discounted to allow the customer to do more for less.


LOCATION: 1335 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua, New Zealand
PHONE: +64 7 357 4747
EMAIL: reservations@velocityvalley.co.nz
WEBSITE: www.velocityvalley.co.nz