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Go Physio


Go Physio was founded as Absolute Rehabilitation in 1984, building up an excellent reputation within the Rotorua region. Over the years the clinics have developed a strong sport focus.

Whilst we have broadened our services far beyond sports medicine, we strongly believe that this focus hones our assessment and treatment skills providing a better service for all our patients.

Viewing clients as "occupational athletes" in this way means we consider concepts like avoiding deconditioning through being off work and managing peoples return to work as sustainably and rapidly as possible.

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We strongly believe that our clients are best served by a comprehensive assessment and an indepth explanation about what is going on with their complaint. We find this allows you to better understand your condition and help take positive steps to address it. As such we allow forty minutes for your first appointment and where possible you will leave with a clear understanding of both your complaint and what the plan is to address it. This concept is proven to provide results more quickly and get you back performing at your prime sooner * - whether that be elite level sport, your job or back in the garden.


Performance Lab

As well as our standard physiotherapy services, we bring our expertise with elite athletes and make it available to all of our clients. This means we can offer a number of high level analyses to our clients, providing information that was previously only available to our sporting elite. Taking the musculoskeltal screen used by the New Zealand Academy of Sport as a starting point, we have used the latest sports medicine research to add to it and develop a leading edge screening service that we have trialled successfully with the Waiariki Academy of Sport athletes. We can then combine these screens with video analysis to fully dismantle your technique and help identify potential and actual causes of injury or poor performance.




PHONE: Phone: 07 347 8380

EMAIL: move@gophysio.co.nz

WEBSITE: https://gophysio.co.nz

LOCATION - CITY: 1221 Haupapa Street, Rotorua 3010 

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm