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Skyline MTB Gravity Park



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Skyline Rotorua offers a range of gondola accessed trails on the slopes of Mt. Ngongotaha.

Graded from easy through to extreme, there are choices for all riders from first timers to big-hit seekers. The 11 trails on offer are comprised of 18% Green (easy), 27% Blue (intermediate), 54% Black (difficult) graded trails.

The trails are constantly maintained and patrolled by Skyline's MTB Patrol crew, so are always in top shape. Check the Skyline website for current details.

Skyline offers a wealth of experiences alongside their professionally designed and built trails.


A gondola ride to the top of the hill is a great way to cut some laps - whether you're an occasional rider who relishes the ability to not have to ride up trails, only down them. Through to the experienced rider who aims to maximise their descending time, or dial in a track or feature by doing multiple runs down it.

Staff and safety: 

The Park is the only full-time patrolled mountain bike park in New Zealand. The patrollers also work on the trails constantly to keep them in top shape in every season.


With top and bottom terminal buildings for the Gondola, clean toilets and changing areas are readily at hand. The top terminal offers a dedicated bike park area, workstand and supplied tools to keep your bike running smoothly.

Food and drink:

The Market Kitchen offers cafe food and drink. While the Stratosfare restaurant offers a stunning array of freshly prepared buffet and cooked-to-order dishes highlighting locally sourced seafood, meat and produce.

Other activities:


Some of the favourite trails are:

Pump track

Grade: Intermediate

This is your opportunity to see if you are as fast as local boy Keegan Wright who silver medalled the pump track at Crankworx 2015. Use it as a warm up for the bike park or a few social races at the end of the day. There will be some epic battles on this masterpiece created by Empire of Dirt. It’s roughly a 13 second track but it definitely gets the blood pumping. Careful on the starting bridge, if you are more of a beginner rider roll in from the side.


Riding time: 4-5 minutes
Grade: Beginner/Intermediate


Some might argue, but this Hipster is “actually” cool. In fact, the reaction after riding this track has been the same every time - “wow”. Hipster breaks off from the Sprint Warrior and flows seamlessly from chiselled berm to chiselled berm. The speed, flow and jumps are bound to bring a smile to everyone’s dial. Finishing at the Sprint Warrior table top allows you to pull your sickest whip for the audience riding the gondola above.

Sprint Warrior

Riding time: 3-4 minutes
Grade: Beginner/Intermediate top section, Grade 4 bottom section


The catalyst for the Skyline Gravity Park that has now become somewhat of an institution. The top section is Beginner/Intermediate and provides that Rotorua Flow. The bottom section is an Advanced trail and provides a plethora of mountain bike experience with machine built berms, step downs, gap jumps, hand built trail, the list goes on. Oh, and not to mention it leads into Moss Piglet and Skyline's new jump track. All of this fun wrapped up in a warp speed package of 3-4 minutes top to bottom.

Dweedle Dee  Grade 4: Intermediate

Dweedle Dum  Grade 5: Advanced
Fun little micro lines that come off Moss Piglet just after the 10 51 split.

Dweedle Dee is similar to 10 51, it’s a bit steeper and natural than the other trails. After a couple runs you’ll start to find a nice flow before it pops back out onto Moss Piglet.

Dweedle Dum is a short run but will challenge the best of riders. After making the first initial turns and drops you get a nice run out over a natural gap jump before joining Moss Piglet again.


Dual Speed and Style

Expert riders only
Grade: Expert

Martin Soderstrom, winner of the Mons Royale Dual Speed and Style 2015 said this was the best dual speed course he had ever ridden. Hone your skills, race a mate but take notice, this is a grade 6 track. 

“The Fuzz”

Grade: Expert

Think you’re up to riding a World Cup level DH track? Well this is your opportunity. The Fuzz is a tip of the hat to a local legend and the Skyline section of the Downhill line used for Crankworx 2015. It leads almost immediately into a rock garden and bridges. The bridges have very steep descents off them with a rock garden between them. The rest of the track is fast and open with features. The Fuzz finishes with a steep off camber section under the gondola line, so you will always have spectators.



Please ride within your limits, and be aware that trails can change with weather and heavy use from race events effecting their difficulty. Ride Rotorua will in no way be liable for any injury or damages arising from riding any of the trails listed on the Ride Rotorua website.