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Where To Start Your Ride

Getting into the trails from Waipa Carpark


Uploaded ImageThe most popular entry to the forest is from the Waipa Mill access road, signposted off SH5 a few kilometres south of town.
It is easy riding distance.
• There's bike hire and good advice at the Mountain Bike Rotorua (MBR) HQ and good coffee and muffins at their cafe in the car park.
• Through the car park, past the free bike wash stand (with drinkable water) over the little bridge, and you are on the trail. If you go hard right you have a nice flat trail to warm up on, and you can work your way around the whole thing from here. Remember that to get back to your car (don't laugh, people get hopelessly lost five minutes from the exit) go downhill on Pohaturoa Rd, off Nursery Rd at the big intersection. There is a sign which helps but not if you are too rooted to read.
• There are over 30km of named, signposted trails in this section of the forest, which is amazing because the area we are talking about is only a couple of kilometres square. The whole thing is mapped, and you can get maps from the visitor centre on Long Mile Rd.
• You can easily access pick up points for the South Star Shuttle from here (or drive past the car park and the Red Stag Mill to the Hill Road gate entrance to the forest).
Unfortunately, there are some selfish dickheads for whom the trail system doesn't provide what they seek. Instead of going somewhere else in the other 90% of the forest and building what they want, they shortcut, or otherwise modify the established system. Their activities could make it difficult for you to navigate if you are not a local.
Please don't be shy, ask anybody who looks like they know where they are going if you are in doubt about where you are headed. Also - no skids on Old Chevy.
Have fun!

Getting into the trails from Long Mile Rd


Long Mile RoadThere is a Visitor Centre in Long Mile Rd where you can get up to date information and maps. Call in and tell the staff how cool the trails are. The Redwood grove around this area is full of walking tracks, and horse tracks, and is off limits to bike riders. If you want to start your ride here, go to the far end of Long Mile Rd from Tarawera Rd and cross the gate to head up the tarsealed climb of Nursery Road. The trail system has entrances at the top of the hill.







Getting into the trails from Green Lake Lookout Carpark


Green Lake LookoutA great place to start for some different/big loops. The first portion of the trail at this entrance is a shared track - so please watch for people, dogs etc. A good choice from here is to ride up Tikitapu Rd to Moerangi (to the top) then to Split Enz and all the way through to Chinese Menu and then Pipeline Rd back to Blue Lake - big loop and fun trails. This car park is behind the Blue Lake at the top of the hill. Follow Tarawera Rd some 8km from the roundabout at Te Ngae and Tarawera Roads. Remember to lock your car and keep all valuables out of sight. Rotorua has it's share of a-holes who will wreck your holidays if you aren't careful.