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MTB Skills Clinics


We are New Zealand’s original MTB coaching service and have developed a strong reputation worldwide for our game changing MTB skill coaching services. We have a huge following amongst NZ riders, Australian’s and International visitors alike. Our coaching concepts were revolutionary when the business was started in 2004 and we are constantly revising both our skills modules and coaching methods to remain the leaders in our field.


If you doubt that professional MTB skills coaching will make a difference to your riding then we pretty much guarantee you’re in for a shock. If you have been working out how to ride well for yourself up to now then it might just be time for an MTB SKILLS CLINICS epiphany!!


All of our skills clinics have been laid out in an order that allows you to build on each skill as you grow your wings. From our GO and Phundamentals clinics through to our intermediate and advanced Trailmaster courses, we can help take your riding to new heights.


We coach Dh racers, recreational trail riders, XC whippets and ‘fun with the family’ types. We offer public group coaching, private sessions for friends, 1-1 coaching and specialist youth skills instruction for the little people in your life. We have coaches all around the country and our skills clinics are available to anyone with a mountain bike for as little as $129 for 4 hrs.


Check out our website and browse our bookings page to see when our next available session is in your area.


We love our work and look forward to meeting up with you for a spin or a skid!!



All of the skills clinics have been laid out deliberately in an order that allows you to progress and build on each skill as you master it:

The Phundamentals is the base clinic in our MTB Skills Clinic learning pathway. In this clinic you will learn how to set and maintain a stable platform which gives you total control of the bike for traction and obstacle absorption. If you think about all of the problem areas; corners, slippery mud/sand/gravel, roots, rocks, braking bumps, drops, jumps etc, they all fit into one or both of those areas. You either slip or skid in the loose surface or have trouble negotiating obstacles. It is amazing how important this riding platform is and how counter-intuitive it is to what we are told or what we "think" is logical.

If you have been recommended to do this clinic by your mates, stop reading now and go to the bookings page and choose a date that fits your schedule. Trust them, they loved it for good reason and you will too. Your riding will never be the same again!

If you are new to mountainbiking and want to know how to get better without breaking bones, having a domestic with your husband or feeling like the "tag along" on the boy"s rides, then this is your chance. The Women"s Only Phundamentals will actually explain why you can"t "just do it" and how to go about "just doing it".


The Trailmaster 1 - FLOW clinic is where you start riding like the fast kids by learning to pump for grip and to avoid obstacles. You also learn to rail corners properly to build style and flow into your riding.

In this clinic we teach you how to pump efficiently which gets you skipping over objects on the trail in style while making heaps of extra grip. This makes you feel really connected to your bike and the trail. Way cool!!

We also look at what we call 'Intuitive cornering' - all of a sudden you are going much faster on your bike and need to know how to carry that extra speed through corners without braking. When the PUMPING and CORNERING skills are combined you will be amazed at how much more flow you have and how free and relaxed you feel on the bike.

Our Phundamentals is fantastic but it can be a bit of a stiff step sideways - you have to start somewhere though and Trailmaster 1 sorts all that out and gets you floating along trails in a way you never thought possible – Awesome!

Our Trailmaster 2 - SPEED clinic is geared towards riders who want to push their riding and bike speed to the limits but want to do so safely and with correct technique to minimise the risk of injury.

In this clinic we cover PUMPING 3 - the skill of ‘Wave Pumping". This technique is fairly complex but we break it down into perfect bite sized pieces for our riders. Once mastered riders can stick their bikes to the roughest of trails and downhill tracks to maintain flow / control and can actually milk speed from trail features without pedalling and with minimal effort. VERY cool!

With all that extra speed being made on the straights and a desire to go out and drop your friends (and / or win some MTB races!) we then look at our CORNERING 3 Technique and how to maintain speed and ‘Traction Control" through dusty, dodgy, muddy, rooty, off camber turns. (Plenty of committed railing and drifting, skids and rally flicks!) Lots of speed and roosting turns but above all plenty of explanation of new techniques as simple physics, personal confidence building, control and safety.

We also cover the art of manualing to keep the front wheel out of trouble at speed down a trail and set up the correct technique needed for the sweet bunny hopping that is needed in Trailmaster 3 and 4.

Smiles guaranteed and this clinic allows you to tame almost any trail!

Our Trailmaster 3 - AIR clinic is for anyone wanting to overcome a fear of flying off small to medium sized drops with their wheels level. It is for trail riders wanting to grow wings and pop and float their bikes of roots and natural lips down their local trails. It is also for downhill racers who want to develop the skills to take on the jump lines at DH races and anyone wanting to ride steeper Dirt jump style take off's and landings.

Jumping on a bike is not as dangerous as some people with poor technique claim and going fast on a bike down a trail can mean that flight becomes inevitable – (best be prepared!)

In this clinic we look at adapting our PUMPING 1 technique to have you floating off small to medium sized drops perfectly, safety and with total control to free you from the basic fear of flight.

Next up we look into the magical art of Bunny hopping to get riders making their own jumps out of simple trail features to ‘double out' sections of trail and float their bike over puddles and rooty sections along a trail.

Then follows a study in how to compress the lips of simple table top style jumps safely to stay low and fast ‘racer style' and how to Spring off the lips of the same jumps to gain extra height and flight time.

Finally, throw in some ‘Flight Control' knowledge and practise time to learn about how to make you're flight time feeler sweeter, safer and more stylish and BOOM! – New wings please!

Gravitymaster clinics are aimed at giving you all the skills needed to ride better and go much faster, with a focus on downhill/enduro type trails. If you ever have trouble with ruts, chutes, off camber, jumping/drops or would just like to know how to carry speed through fast turns this is for you.

Other skills include how to pump "correctly" for speed, weighting and unweighting over obstacles and how to make grip on loose surfaces or coming into a jump. This will lead into jumping technique to give you more pop and stop the bike from twisting or doing unintentional tail whips. You will also look at lines and a cornering technique that gets that bike leaning for you and allows you to square off awkward roots and drops.

If you would prefer the ultimate in lessons, a One on one with one of our instructors is what you need. We can take the day at your pace - faster or slower - and focus on exactly your problems.

We have days worth of techniques to teach you so it is a good idea to do a couple so you have a follow up clinic to iron out any creases from the first time round, once you've had a chance to practice a bit.

You could also choose to do a One on one session once you have completed the Phundamentals and know what you want to work on.


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