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HeliBike Rotorua


Ride remote Whirinaki Forest trails

Welcome to a brand new adventure opportunity!

If you’re keen to explore new frontiers in mountain biking, HeliBike Rotorua can take you on a ride to remember.




You’ll experience the exhilaration of helicopter delivery to the heart of the Whirinaki Forest, ride amongst the tall timber, and meet the challenges of undulating Mount Moerangi trails. This is EPIC-status mountain biking. This is where you get close to nature at its awesome best.

Explore HeliBike Rotorua's website, check your gear – and check in for the ride of your life.

How fit should I be?

There is some climbing to do – there is some work to do! There are some kilometers to travel! You are going to earn your smiles! You will have a terrific sense of achievement! There are some sustained hills that most riders will want to walk sections – and that is ok!!

The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the trip – however if you take your time almost all recreational bikers comfortable on grade 3 tracks will love this trip. For example Rogers Hut to River Rd is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours of actual riding but we like to take 5-6 hours to do it!

Its an experience – not a race!

How technically difficult is it?

Please remember this is an adventure – take it slowly, stop often and have one of the best riders at the back. So now that you’ve got that – this is a grade 3 track with a few short more technical places that can be walked. There are certainly a few places where you need to take special care e.g. alongside drop offs, but they are easily negotiated. There maybe the occasional tree across the track – these are the things that make this an adventure and add to the fun!




Mt Moerangi Mountain Bike Trail

Right from take-off, you’ll get the sense that this is the start of an adventure with a difference.

From the air, take in the spectacle of the vast Whirinaki forest. Wrapped in morning mist, pierced by craggy peaks, slashed by deep ravines and tumbling river rapids, this has the promise of a wilderness adventure with a difference.

At your delivery point in the heart of the forest, unload your bike and gear – and get ready the action and delights of the Moerangi trail. Scenic, contrasting and abundant with wildlife, it offers single-track challenges for its entire length – and earns its EPIC status with bonuses.

From the Kennett brothers in Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides (North Island, 9th edition): ‘If crusty old Barry Crump had been into mountain biking, the Moerangi in Whirinaki forest would probably have been his favourite ride. Passing through 35kms of remote native forest, with three traditional camping huts en route, it’s an iconic New Zealand experience.’




Most of the trail presents undulating grade 3 challenges through leafy forest giants, punctuated with short sections of grade 4 and grade 5 which you can choose to walk if you wish.

This is the realm of some of New Zealand’s tallest trees. Amid towering beech and massive tree ferns, we recommend a pause to take in the sounds and silence of the forest, the unique bush scenery and wildlife. Reminiscent of a filmset from Jurassic Park, this may be as close to primeval forest as you can get. Inquisitive native birds – tui, toutouwai, toitoi, whio and kereru – may even gather where you stop.

We thoroughly recommend a stay for at least one night in one of the DOC back-country huts. These all have mattresses, wood-burning fireplaces, roof water and toilet facilities. These rustic havens are ideal as a starting point for an early morning trail ride – or a welcome sight after a day’s travel.

On a clear night, take in a spectacular sky-dome of southern constellations. Listen for the distinctive night calls of ruru, the little morepork owl, or perhaps a kiwi. Enjoy the campfire camaraderie of fellow heli-bikers.

This all comes to you from local enthusiasts with a love of nature and a flair for adventure in the unique New Zealand hinterland. Gather your gear and your trusty steed. Come and share the Moerangi trail with HeliBike Rotorua.


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