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How much does it cost to ride in Rotorua’s Redwood Forest?

Nothing. Entry to the entire forest is available at no cost.

What about other places around Rotorua? Skyline MTB Gravity Park, Rainbow Mountain, Moerangi trail?

Rainbow Mountain, Moerangi, Western Okataina are all administered by the Department of Conservation (D.O.C.) and are open to ride at no charge. If you use the huts on the DOC trails in Moerangi there is a nightly fee to stay - check here for further information.
Skyline MTB Gravity Park is a privately owned commercial venture, their prices are available to see here

Are E-bikes allowed on the forest trails?

Yes. Pedal assist electric bikes (not exceeding 300W) are permitted in the forest and on the trails.

Are dogs allowed on the forest trails?
Dogs are allowed on lead or under control at all times. Specific off-lead dog exercise areas are available - check the Rotorua Redwoods website for details.

What hours are the forest trails open?

The trails are open 24/7. You can ride them at any time and night riding is allowed.
Note - the vehicle gate to access the Long Mile Road carpark and Visitor Information Centre is closed during hours of darkness. You are still able to ride around it, just don’t get your car locked in overnight.

When does the forest close for Winter?

The forest doesn’t close for different seasons. Rotorua has a mild, temperate climate that enables the trails to be ridden year-round.

What is the weather like at different times of year?

At 290m (950ft) elevation, Rotorua enjoys a temperate climate. Because it is inland from the coast and sheltered by high country to the south and east, the forest is less prone to wind than many other places in New Zealand.

The average temperature throughout the year is 12.7 degrees Celsius (54.9F), with a daily average at the height of summer in January of 17.7C (63.9F), and a daily average during winter in July of 7.8C (46F).

During winter (June-August) temperatures can fall below 0 degrees Celsius overnight and result in frosty mornings, still a great time to ride in the forest! Trails get boggy at the end of winter for a few weeks when the soil is water-logged, and events can have an impact on the trials if they took place during a period of rain - otherwise the trails should roll well.
One thing to watch for, in winter, are trails that are exposed to frost. Trails that are open to the night sky will freeze, then thaw and are prone to developing a layer of mud on top. In this case the hot tip from local riders is to choose trails in the trees or riding at night when everything is rock hard and frozen.


Good local weather forecasting sites are MetVuw and Metservice

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What do the suggested ride times on the Trail Loops page mean?
As an approximate guide, times are shown for the various Trail Loops. These times are based on an experienced, fit rider - the kind of rider who is out several times a week for hours at a time. If you are less experienced or aren't riding that much, expect to take a little longer for each loop.